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Numbers of Things Happening in my Life

May 14, 2010 2 comments

Hey guys, I am so so so sorry to stay myself away from this Blog. Maybe some of them left, but I come back finally!! I was too busy to write even a letter. (I kid you) But I had a lot of fun staff. OK, then let me tell you my recent life. First of all I just finish my newest film, which is fake car commercial called “Pontiac Firebird 2010.” The car itself is a real, but we don’t sell it.

This is the link to You-Tube, so you can go for it. If you want to finish reading first, that would be cool, too.

OK, like I said before, Tobias and I went to Kelso Dune where is close to Las Vegas, and stayed in the middle of nothing. We took all footage. However, we both were too muti-worker, so we could not finish editing until now. It took 2 and half months to edit and color collecting. This great smoky effect is made by ourselves using a drip of milk. Cool huh? I am still remembering when I kept shooting in my bathroom with big black clothes. The title was made by Tobias using Cinema 4D. We used Final Cut Pro 7, After Effect CS4, and Cinema 4D. I am so glad that I have all of them now. We are planing to bring it or send it to Pontiac company, and waiting for the great film award. We submitted this film into Los Angeles Film Festival today. I hope our short is elected to one of the awards. Again, we took so much time to edit this movie, so we were so glad to hear “I love this movie.” from first our audience, Kevin who is one of our friends from SMC. I showed more than 10 friends a day, and am going to show it at class tomorrow^^ Anyway if you wanna know about this film, just give me a comment and I will give a feature length comment sheet to you, haha.

OK, then what I did else is my friend’s project called “Mi Amigo Marco” that is like a gangster film. I was doing DP and editor in his film production “RANT PRODUCTION.” I went to Ventura where is kind of out of LA, and had a great time with my friends. The director of film,  Timothy, was so passionate with what he is doing and I was just following him!! LOL

No, I did my job, and we already finished editing and this is also submitted into LA Film Festival. Come’on!!! I will put up the video online very soon and let you guys know on my facebook and also here.

Then next I have a friend from Miyagi, Japan. His name is Taka, and he is totally great at doing web design staff, so I started learning how to use illustrator and dreamweaver to make a website. Actually I had a great chance to get a kinda internship with Little Tokyo. And my job is to make a website of Little Tokyo and make a logo design for it. It was so great opportunity, so I try to get this done. I made some logos already, but I cannot show here yet. You know why, right? Because this is a job^^

Nearly done… I am still working on some other staff. I had also a friend from France whose name is Jeremy. He is so chill guy and love photography and outdoor sports. He is nicely good at taking studio photos and I had a chance to start my career as a fashion photographer. I will try to do my best!!! I will bring these photos back until next weekend. I hope you like them.

Finally I am now starting my newest film project. Temporarily I name the title “Dive.” It is still beginning of pre-production, so I need to pile my ideas to make it better. I already have some crew. Great, I think I got a credit a bit with honor. Anyway, this fiction short film is going to be done within 2 months.

Alright, OK, I think I told you my story of what I did recently. I still did other things, but these are main part of it. Any Questions? Raise your hands and come to see me after the lecture. Thank you so much for reading all these selfish compliment to myself… But that is what I am doing, so I need to know that if you wanna know me.

Anyway I need to go to sleep, now it is already three AM, and I have a class tomorrow morning!!! See you guys and give me a comment for Pontiac Firebird!! Thanks again and bye bye.

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March 14, 2010 3 comments

Alfred Hitchcock film is again screened today in Santa Monica. Today after I went to SM pier with Jaq and Mako. I got a ride by Toby and Josh and went to the Aero Theatre, and today’s film was “Vertigo,” which is said one of the greatest film directed by Hitchcock. Because this is kind of anniversary event, there were, I think, more than 300 people there waiting for the movie in front of the theatre. We came very late, so I was wondering if we could not watch the movie, but we somehow managed to split 3 seats to 2 together and 1 separate.

I did not intend to take a photo above because it is not allowed, but I had to take it. This movie theatre is unusual structure, so we could see all shadows of people seating in front of us. The movie itself was kinda complicated, but I could feel Hitchcock is passionate with because of so much details in every scenes. Classic movie sometimes leads to the world of imagination. They did such a good job. After the movie was over, we headed to the nice and gorgeous cafe along Pico Blvd, and put some ideas together we are going to work on in the spring vacation. I wanna make a action film or comedy film. We have 8 days for making film. We could name our production as “8 DAYS PRODUCTION.” 2 days for screenplay, 1 day for casting, 1 day for story boarding, 2 days for filming, and 2 days for editing. It could be very hard, but at the same time, it will be so fun. By the way, cafe itself is so good because there is a system for the musicians there. There is a box for lottery. One of people there picks one musician from the lottery, and he or she plays in front of everyone. And the atmosphere is so cool!!! It is like this^^

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March 7, 2010 2 comments

Today, I went to go surfing for the first time in LA, and that was SO awesome. I woke up in the super early morning at 5:42. I was supposed to meet Tobias who is one of my friend to go to the other friend’s house, but the funny thing is both of the friend and I did not get up until Toby text us, which actually made me awake. Afterwards, we headed to the Venice Beach where the waves were soft and easy for beginners. Because I did not have a surf board, I shared Toby’s one. (By the way, I have to get a surf board cuz now I enjoyed surfing a lot.) OK, then I jumped into the water, but it was so cold, VERY COLD MORE THAN YOU THINK, SICK!!! I feel like I am in the freezer or something. I also have a wet suit, which I also borrowed from my friend, Josh. Although, it is kinda a little big, and the result is all water was coming into the wetsuit, which means NO GOOD^^ I was shaking at the shore while I was taking a rest. Suddenly, I did not intend to do it, but I started to speak some freaky words like, “….” I felt I was freezing to death, but somehow I connected my spirit to the ground, not to the heaven!!

Thanks, God…

After we took our wetsuits off, I had zero tolerance…

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Sushi, Sushi America~n

March 3, 2010 3 comments

Sushi, Sushi^^ What are you up to? Sushi Sushi is japanese traditional way that people bow and introduce each other when they first meet. Today, (OK, I am such a liar) I went to the edit room in my school broadcasting building, and that was so cool. It is like a room for editing… I know that is why it’s called “Editing Room.” But anyway, I went there. My Austrian friend burned DVD that he made, and we headed to the film club to show our crane shot idea. It is basically built by long wooden stick, tripod, fishing string, or wire and duct tape. We attached the tripod to one side of the edge of wood with tape so that the camera is connected to the crane. We also used wire attaching one side of wire to camera itself, and a person who holds a wood also hold the other side of wire so that we can tilt up and down the camera when we shoot. One more thing we created was cushion to prevent my leg from deadly hitting to the wood directly, which leads us to the hell if there is something called hell after we die.^^ Anyway, the whole thing is like this. And this is what we see through the lens. I will post the real tutorial for making this crane. And the movie clip is gonna be posted on you-Tube and Vimeo. So please go and check them out after I post it.

After the film club, I called German photographer who is also the student of same school. She is looking for a person wanting Headshot. I have never thought how much one headshot is in professional price. It is 150 dollars. Wow, that is more than my food cost in a month. That is incredible. I can’t imagine why it is so expensive, but yeah that is our job. I want to make fashion photographs. OK, I will plan to make that. So much staff that I want engage in. Haha, that is cool actually. OK.

I will let you know what is going on my life again in few days. Bye now

Sushi Sushi^^

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Time has come to read Japanese!!

February 25, 2010 2 comments

Today I was a bit shocked that new Japanese friend thought I was 18 years old because of my face. I am 20!! Does my face look like so young guy?? Anyway I am going to ask her about her film experiences, and hopefully we can work together!! Since my new semester began, time passed for one and half week already. Time goes so fast… I have not realized that school has already begun… (jokes

By the way, my apartment is now under construction!! I keep my door open and someone is painting the door. New generation comes to my house!!! Huu, actually it did not change at all. But those who are painting our house is so cool. They use spray for painting. They pomp the white ink from the bottle and splash it on the wall!! I really want to use these items to make my movie!! Actually I want to paint my clothes with that… it may be too much though^^

Sorry to change the topic so fast. I finished reading a book called “Dance Dance Dance” written by Haruki Murakami. He is Japanese author, but some of his books are translated into English as well as this book. I read in Japanese by the way, and it was so good!!! Everyone, time has come to read a Japanese novel!! His book is artistic and very thoughtful. The story is beginning from that main character, “I,” who is working as a freelance writer for some lady magazines is reminded by something strange as if someone is crying in the darkness for him. He cannot get rid of that image, and he decided to stop his job and check what that is to Hokkaido. He finally get to the rich hotel, which he visited and looked for a special sheep with mysterious prostitution before. He tried to forget that event, but he could not. Now he decided to face his future. But already he is involved in a huge evilness of the world.

This book is the fourth of this series. You do not have to read these previous three before you read this one. But if you want to understand the story more, you better read from the first series, which is called “Listen to the song of wind.” One thing that I really like him is that he wrote the story so politely, and I can imagine what is going on very clearly. Also I think he is dealing with some deep theme in his novel but he does not tell us directly and it remains our minds as if he was asking us, “Can you understand what I am asking to you?” That’s why I love to read this book. Actually I did not understand the theme of novel that much, but I really enjoyed them. Why??? It is because Mr. Murakami think the most important thing to read his book is to enjoy reading itself. Muu… he is genius. I highly recommend that you read this one, and it is worth reading!!!

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Sony Pictures – Where Dream is Born

February 20, 2010 4 comments

The sony studio tour was such a inspirational tour!! I was supposed not to go there yesterday because of time conflict between my class in SMC and sony tour. However, the professor (I misunderstood he is the old guy who is in PIXAR’s movie “UP”) finished his class earlier than I thought. After the class, I immediately called one of my friend who got the tickets for tour, and we were on the way!! Studo tour began with the short video clip of how sony studio has established present honor. Afterward, we looked around the production department, which was awesome!! I was not allowed to get into too much than I expected, but one of the room for recording sound effect was like a great room. I felt like these sounds were born from this room. There was a lot of crazy staff there so that we create every kind of sounds. It was indescribable, and unfortunately I was not allowed to take photos there. I have some photos taken in out of studio. These are also good!!!

After a while, my friend and I went to 8th floor to 2nd floor to exploring even though we were not welcomed. (allowed) When we came back from upstair to the main floor, a security lady was standing there looking at us. She called us to come to her, and she was totally pissed…:( We were so upset, and my imagination went so fast. (I was forced to be sent to Japan in my brain because I was arrested!!) But she let us go and leave there… Huuuu…

Anyway, that was fun trip to the birthplace of dream!!!

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“Crossing” – A Love Story of Everyone

February 19, 2010 2 comments

Let me introduce myself here a bit. I am Japanese filmmaker who is working on in Santa Monica, CA. Now I am in SMC studying film and other general education. Before I start this blog, I wanna comment one thing. The purpose of this blog is to send  message s of what I am doing in the United States and share my personal value and belief. So I would really appreciate if someone who read this blog and put some comments here. I will try to make this blog more useful for people who read.

OK, I have just done my 2nd short film made in USA, which is called “CROSSING.” This short film is about a guy who forgets his feeling when he met his girlfriend for the first time. One day, his girlfriend (Kristen) prepared a birthday present for him (Sam), but  he did not appear the dinner because he forgot it. Since then, Sam cannot contact with her for a while, and he gradually notices how she is important for him. A few days later from then, Sam sees Kristen on the opposite side of intersection, and he yells to her.

This story is originally coming from my own experience a bit. And also I think this story can be happening to every person who love someone. There are some ideas that I wanna say in this film, but I do not say them here.

The last part of the film is not mentioned here, so if you are interested in my short film, please visit my you-tube account (HirokiSMC), or hopefully I will upload to “Vimeo,” too.

Anyway, I will move on to next short film from now on!! I already shot the scene, so I cannot wait editing. That short clip was taken in Kelso dessert located in Mojave National Reservation. It took 7 hours to get there, but that was a lot of fun there. I will talk about this “Magnificent Ride” next time. Then have  a great day guys!!

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