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Numbers of Things Happening in my Life

Hey guys, I am so so so sorry to stay myself away from this Blog. Maybe some of them left, but I come back finally!! I was too busy to write even a letter. (I kid you) But I had a lot of fun staff. OK, then let me tell you my recent life. First of all I just finish my newest film, which is fake car commercial called “Pontiac Firebird 2010.” The car itself is a real, but we don’t sell it.

This is the link to You-Tube, so you can go for it. If you want to finish reading first, that would be cool, too.

OK, like I said before, Tobias and I went to Kelso Dune where is close to Las Vegas, and stayed in the middle of nothing. We took all footage. However, we both were too muti-worker, so we could not finish editing until now. It took 2 and half months to edit and color collecting. This great smoky effect is made by ourselves using a drip of milk. Cool huh? I am still remembering when I kept shooting in my bathroom with big black clothes. The title was made by Tobias using Cinema 4D. We used Final Cut Pro 7, After Effect CS4, and Cinema 4D. I am so glad that I have all of them now. We are planing to bring it or send it to Pontiac company, and waiting for the great film award. We submitted this film into Los Angeles Film Festival today. I hope our short is elected to one of the awards. Again, we took so much time to edit this movie, so we were so glad to hear “I love this movie.” from first our audience, Kevin who is one of our friends from SMC. I showed more than 10 friends a day, and am going to show it at class tomorrow^^ Anyway if you wanna know about this film, just give me a comment and I will give a feature length comment sheet to you, haha.

OK, then what I did else is my friend’s project called “Mi Amigo Marco” that is like a gangster film. I was doing DP and editor in his film production “RANT PRODUCTION.” I went to Ventura where is kind of out of LA, and had a great time with my friends. The director of film,  Timothy, was so passionate with what he is doing and I was just following him!! LOL

No, I did my job, and we already finished editing and this is also submitted into LA Film Festival. Come’on!!! I will put up the video online very soon and let you guys know on my facebook and also here.

Then next I have a friend from Miyagi, Japan. His name is Taka, and he is totally great at doing web design staff, so I started learning how to use illustrator and dreamweaver to make a website. Actually I had a great chance to get a kinda internship with Little Tokyo. And my job is to make a website of Little Tokyo and make a logo design for it. It was so great opportunity, so I try to get this done. I made some logos already, but I cannot show here yet. You know why, right? Because this is a job^^

Nearly done… I am still working on some other staff. I had also a friend from France whose name is Jeremy. He is so chill guy and love photography and outdoor sports. He is nicely good at taking studio photos and I had a chance to start my career as a fashion photographer. I will try to do my best!!! I will bring these photos back until next weekend. I hope you like them.

Finally I am now starting my newest film project. Temporarily I name the title “Dive.” It is still beginning of pre-production, so I need to pile my ideas to make it better. I already have some crew. Great, I think I got a credit a bit with honor. Anyway, this fiction short film is going to be done within 2 months.

Alright, OK, I think I told you my story of what I did recently. I still did other things, but these are main part of it. Any Questions? Raise your hands and come to see me after the lecture. Thank you so much for reading all these selfish compliment to myself… But that is what I am doing, so I need to know that if you wanna know me.

Anyway I need to go to sleep, now it is already three AM, and I have a class tomorrow morning!!! See you guys and give me a comment for Pontiac Firebird!! Thanks again and bye bye.

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  1. May 18, 2010 at 3:07 AM

    I want to know more about the Pontiac project… where is the feature length explanation? 😀

  2. May 18, 2010 at 3:20 AM

    I think we will come back to the mojave desert later soon.

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