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Today, I went to go surfing for the first time in LA, and that was SO awesome. I woke up in the super early morning at 5:42. I was supposed to meet Tobias who is one of my friend to go to the other friend’s house, but the funny thing is both of the friend and I did not get up until Toby text us, which actually made me awake. Afterwards, we headed to the Venice Beach where the waves were soft and easy for beginners. Because I did not have a surf board, I shared Toby’s one. (By the way, I have to get a surf board cuz now I enjoyed surfing a lot.) OK, then I jumped into the water, but it was so cold, VERY COLD MORE THAN YOU THINK, SICK!!! I feel like I am in the freezer or something. I also have a wet suit, which I also borrowed from my friend, Josh. Although, it is kinda a little big, and the result is all water was coming into the wetsuit, which means NO GOOD^^ I was shaking at the shore while I was taking a rest. Suddenly, I did not intend to do it, but I started to speak some freaky words like, “a..a.a.aaa.a..aA.A.AAA….” I felt I was freezing to death, but somehow I connected my spirit to the ground, not to the heaven!!

Thanks, God…

After we took our wetsuits off, I had zero tolerance…

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  1. March 8, 2010 at 1:42 AM

    You are so strong Loki kun! ^^ Surfing seems so hard, but apparently you are a natural!! Yay 😀 I hope you can go surfing again soon, and we can all watch/admire your skills!

  2. March 8, 2010 at 5:11 AM

    My skill sucks, and you may better come with me two years later, which I could be better than now, hahaha^^

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