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“Crossing” – A Love Story of Everyone

Let me introduce myself here a bit. I am Japanese filmmaker who is working on in Santa Monica, CA. Now I am in SMC studying film and other general education. Before I start this blog, I wanna comment one thing. The purpose of this blog is to send  message s of what I am doing in the United States and share my personal value and belief. So I would really appreciate if someone who read this blog and put some comments here. I will try to make this blog more useful for people who read.

OK, I have just done my 2nd short film made in USA, which is called “CROSSING.” This short film is about a guy who forgets his feeling when he met his girlfriend for the first time. One day, his girlfriend (Kristen) prepared a birthday present for him (Sam), but  he did not appear the dinner because he forgot it. Since then, Sam cannot contact with her for a while, and he gradually notices how she is important for him. A few days later from then, Sam sees Kristen on the opposite side of intersection, and he yells to her.

This story is originally coming from my own experience a bit. And also I think this story can be happening to every person who love someone. There are some ideas that I wanna say in this film, but I do not say them here.

The last part of the film is not mentioned here, so if you are interested in my short film, please visit my you-tube account (HirokiSMC), or hopefully I will upload to “Vimeo,” too.

Anyway, I will move on to next short film from now on!! I already shot the scene, so I cannot wait editing. That short clip was taken in Kelso dessert located in Mojave National Reservation. It took 7 hours to get there, but that was a lot of fun there. I will talk about this “Magnificent Ride” next time. Then have  a great day guys!!

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  1. Jacquelyn
    February 24, 2010 at 4:38 AM

    Yahho Loki 😀
    Thanks for posting the link to your blog!! I’m going to check everyday 😛
    “This story is originally coming from my own experience a bit” –> I didn’t know that! Can you explain/expand on that a bit more? What kind of experience did you have?
    I can’t wait to see your next post (and the movie) about the Mojave National Reservation!

    • February 25, 2010 at 12:15 AM

      OK, I will tell ya later, Ms. Hines. Anyway yeah please visit sometime, and hopefully I will post my dairy here.
      I think I will post s/t once a week!!

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